Our Story

The Loretta McNary Show is a daytime show hosted by TV personality, radio show host (Loretta McNary Live, the Radio Show), Empowerment Speaker and award-winning author, Loretta McNary. The Loretta McNary Show, TV Talk Show, debuted December 2006 in Memphis, TN.  Each week Loretta hosts celebrity interviews, medical experts, fashionistas, best-selling authors and everyday unsung heroes: real people offering real solutions to everyday problems. She brings a blend of high energy, fun, laughter, sophistication and authenticity to TV talk. Drawing from her own personal life experiences, Loretta informs, educates and motivates, while covering a varied range of “hot” topics including healthy relationships, finance, fashion and beauty, technology, social media trends, health and fitness, plus entertainment to inspire her audience to embrace and create positive changes in their lives.

Our Mission

With each show, Loretta intentionally, strategically shares and emphasizes to her audience, that everything can be purposeful, positive and possible through hard work, education, faith and obedience to God. We truly believe the success of The Loretta McNary TV Talk Show, will help make the world a greater place for family, businesses and community. Loretta’s target audience is women 25 – 54 years old. We also know that most household decisions are made by women whether a stay at home mom or a corporate executive. National statistics reveal that women CEOs and women-owned companies are on a fast track for competing with and/or exceeding any major Corporation in the US in music, distribution, sports and film industries. We work diligently to keep our shows current and diverse in every aspect, especially as it relates to our topics, guests, staff, and audience because we know if we are successful, then our communities are successful! All shows are family-friendly!

Loretta McNary
Financial Analyst
Loretta McNary is a global media personality with over 18 combined years of on-air television and radio experience on national, regional, local stations and global media platforms, including Comcast/Time Warner, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Whether she is on the red carpet, in the studio or on location, Loretta enjoys interviewing celebrities, thought leaders, industry experts, faith based leaders and every day heroes doing great things to make life better for others. Loretta says her mission is always to inspire others by sharing amazing stories to inspire more amazing stories. 
Loretta McNary is the founder and Executive Director of Pink Eagles Inc, a non profit leadership development and mentoring organization for girls ages 4-19. She is also the founder of PowerUp a monthly networking organization for professionals and entrepreneurs.
On June 2021 Loretta McNary created McNary Media Network, a global streaming platform with 7 Channels, on Roku TV Amazon Fire TV Apple TV, Smart TV and on IOS and Android devices. McNary Media Network will include movies, TV Shows, sports, culinary, travel, live entertainment, lifestyle and faith based programming. McNary Media Network with launch July 2021.
Loretta favorite quote for living a great life is “Think positive, Dream Big Dreams and help others along the way”. 
She is also a philanthropist and enjoys giving her time talent and treasure to many charitable causes both local and international. Her favorite scripture is “To whom much is given much is required”. Luke 12:48

McNary Media Network

“Think positive, dream big dreams, and help someone along the way.”